There are many reasons to obtain an appraisal on a property including for mortgage lending, tax appeal, estate purposes, family matters, development, etc. Not only do we appraise the different property types listed under the Property Types tab on the homepage, but this section outlines reasons, potential clients we work for, and other work we do.

LENDERS: We work for many lenders in the region (Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Nevada) including Goldenwest Credit Union, America First Credit Union, Wells Fargo Bank, Cache Valley Bank, Mountain America Credit Union, Zions Bank and others. Typically an appraisal is needed for mortgage lending, but we can also provide consultations, inspections, appraisal reviews, and market analysis.

ATTORNEYS: We work for attorneys in this regional area for estate matters, family matters, divorce, tax appeal, expert witness, litigation support, etc.

GOVERNMENT: I am qualified to do “Yellow Book,” or UASFLA compliant appraisals as I have experience in this by doing work for the U.S. Forest Service and the State of Utah. I was also a review appraiser for the U.S. Forest Service and have reviewed many “Yellow Book” appraisals and performed the same. I can perform most work for all government agencies including local municipalities.

REVIEW APPRAISAL: I am able to perform appraisal reviews for all types of work and property types including “Yellow Book” appraisals. I have experience in this. I have received the education necessary to obtain the review designation from the ASFMRA.